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Premier Foods - Engineering Workshop


The engineering workshop at Premier Foods, Bury St Edmunds UK had a requirement for heating and cooling.

The combined heating and cooling system was based on a single EcoCooler. The fan from the cooler was relocated into the ductwork after a recirculation loop.














This created a roof mounted ‘wet box’ which can provide either ambient or evaporatively cooled air and a recirculation loop which, using a steam heating coil, provides a source for heating.

There are two modes of operation:

  • Summer mode: Cooler operates conventionally with five speeds and ‘Cool’ or ‘Vent’ Modes. Inlet damper is open and recirculation damper is closed.
  • Winter mode: Air is heated using a steam coil controlled from a thermostat. The fan runs at a fixed speed. The inlet damper is closed and the recirculation damper is open.

A variety of control options are possible since all control functions are based on switches. A simple modification of the existing wall control panel gave the facility to interface with the thermostatic controls.

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