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Gillette - Bath-Care Product Processing


The Gillette factory, based in Reading, produces a range of bath-care products. Its main processing area manufactures the base products which are then incorporated typically into aerosol-based shaving products.

This area was extremely uncomfortable due to the energy intensive operations used in the manufacturing process. The remainder of the factory is air conditioned but this was considered both too expensive and impractical for this area.


Thirteen EcoCooling ECP16000 down discharge evaporative coolers were installed as part of a balanced ventilation scheme. The coolers were installed in the place of glazed panels in the roof.

All the weight of the cooler is supported by the duct which is in turn supported by separate steelwork attached to the roof structure. Services are fed through the duct and then to the underneath of the cooler to minimise the number of roof penetrations.


Air is ducted to the processing area and discharged using six way plenums.

The system is integrated with an existing building management system which controls the operating time of the coolers. This system also controls the extraction fans and picks up the alarm output from each cooler. The BMS also controls the extraction fans.


The air on a flat or enclosed roof space can become significantly warmer than ambient. The adjacent image shows an in/out thermometer attached to an EcoCooling evaporative cooler on the roof at Gillette on a 20°C day. It can be seen that there is a local 6°C rise in temperature. A conventional ventilation system would therefore never be able to bring the temperature down to below the accepted comfort level of 25°C in these conditions.

At this temperature reduction each cooler is providing approximately 40kW of cooling using 1.5kW of electricity and 80 litres of water per hour.

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