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Keeping People Cool

Comfortable people = Productive people

During hot periods it’s often warmer inside buildings than the ambient temperature. In an environment warmer than 21°C people don't perform to their best ability. Above 25°C their performance suffers markedly, 30°C seriously. Mistakes are made, concentration diminishes, patience frays, accidents occur. All of which result in waste.

It’s Getting Warmer

Next summer’s forecast Over 30°C for extended periods! Warm weather is on the increase in the UK. The climate already has changed, and worryingly, likely to continue to change. We can expect more extreme weather, including heat waves, thanks in part at least to human activities.

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling keeps people cool. It cools buildings and other enclosed spaces, enabling people to remain cool and comfortable, and operate to their full potential during warm weather or when other unavoidable heat sources are present. And evaporative cooling isn’t a heat wave or any other form of extreme weather contributory factors

Only Changes the Climate Inside

Evaporative cooling works very efficiently, consuming a small amount of electricity even during heat waves. Thus it has a tiny carbon footprint. It uses typically 90% less electricity than refrigerative air conditioning to do the same cooling. How evaporative cooling works shows how.

April Freshness in July

Evaporative cooling creates an atmosphere which feels fresh. Air is never recycled, and its water content is slightly increased, not decreased as with some other cooling systems which can create an unpleasant, dry atmosphere. Evaporative cooling gives you a fresh, cool spring day in the middle of summer.

Safe and Hygienic

Evaporative cooling has been approved for and used by hospitals. Because fresh, non-recycled air from outside is always used, evaporative cooling presents absolutely no danger to health such as Legionnaire’s disease.

Open Windows and Doors are Good

Other cooling systems require people to keep their windows and outside-doors closed to work properly. Not evaporative cooling.

And… it costs less

Not only is it much cheaper to run (because it hardly uses any electricity) but evaporative cooling costs far less to install than other cooling systems. Typically evaporative cooling costs a quarter the installation, and one tenth the running costs of air conditioning.

All you’ve got to do is ask

Evaporative cooling is affordable, has a small carbon footprint, and has numerous other advantages over other cooling systems. It is especially good for keeping people cool and comfortable.

COOL TECHNOLOGY offers a complete cooling service from initial site evaluation, Carbon Trust eligibility assistance, installation, through to after care services including maintenance and training.

Now let us give you a proof of concept demonstration and a free, no obligation site evaluation. Or maybe you have a query? We’ll answer it as soon as possible. Contact us.