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Keeping Processes Cool

Printing - Manufacturing - Assembly - Packaging - Agriculture - Greenhouses

Efficient Cooling

Evaporative cooling keeps processes cool. It cools any sized buildings ensuring processes remain cool, saving them from overheating. And it hardly uses any electricity while doing this, thus evaporative cooling has a tiny carbon footprint.

Gets Rid of Heat Not Lots of Electricity

Even in hot conditions, when a cooling system is required to work its hardest, evaporative cooling uses very little electricity. It’s genuinely environmentally friendly. Typically evaporative cooling consumes 90% less electricity than refrigeration based air conditioning to achieve the same amount of cooling. 

A Cooling System that Runs on Heat

Evaporative cooling’s main source of energy is the heat in the air – exactly the stuff a cooling system needs to get rid of. There’s a pleasing symmetry to it. The hotter it is the more there’s an abundance of the energy evaporative cooling runs on – just when the most cooling is needed. (If this sounds far-fetched have a look at this short, easy to understand how evaporative cooling works page which shows how the cooling process evaporative coolers use is fuelled by heat in the air).

Won’t Dry Things Out

Some processes’ reliability and performance wane in a dry atmosphere. Standard refrigerative air conditioning removes a lot of moisture from the air making it very dry. Evaporative cooling doesn’t. In fact evaporative cooling slightly increases the air’s water content making evaporative cooling ideal for processes like printing.


Evaporative cooling’s high efficiency, as well as making it environmentally friendly, makes it very cheap to run. And its installation costs much less than air conditioning installation. Typically three quarters less.

Cool Technology does it all for you

We offer a complete cooling service from initial site evaluation, Carbon Trust eligibility assistance, installation, through to after care services including maintenance and training.

Now let us give you a proof of concept demonstration and a free, no obligation site evaluation. Or maybe you have a query? We’ll answer it as soon as possible. Contact us.