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How Evaporative Cooling Works

A cooling system that uses the right kind of energy. Heat.

How it works

Air cooling

A fan in the evaporative cooling unit draws in warm air and passes it over water soaked pads in the cooling unit which are kept wet. When the warm air comes into contact with the wet pads evaporation occurs.

Evaporation is a process which naturally consumes heat. Heat is the evaporative process’s fuel. The more evaporation, the more heat consumption, that is, cooling.

pads section view

The labyrinth of air ways in the pads increase surface area, increasing the amount of contact between the air and water, maximising evaporation.

The air, now cool having had the heat used up from it, gets fanned into the building. Warm air in the building gets pushed out of the building by the flow of incoming cool air.

The small amount of electric energy evaporative coolers do use is simply to set up and facilitate the evaporative process; fanning air, pumping water. Once the evaporative process is set up, the hard cooling work occurs naturally, for free. This is how evaporative cooling manages to cool and use so little electricity.

Any questions?

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