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Evaporative Cooling - The Benefits

  • Evaporative cooling has a tiny carbon footprint. It cools buildings efficiently, consuming very little electricity even during hot periods.
  • Costs a small fraction of other cooling systems. Typically a quarter the installation, and one tenth the running costs of air conditioning.
  • Cools any sized enclosed spaces. From small offices to large warehouses, to sports facilities, and tented villages.
  • Safe. Fresh non-recycled air. No danger of disease.
  • Works best in well ventilated spaces. No need for a sealed building, nor to keep windows and doors closed.
  • No need to upgrade to latest building regulations.

Download our PDF technical brochure for in-depth information about energy efficient cooling solutions.

Cooling Solutions Cooling Solutions (1035 KB)

How Evaporative Cooling Works

Evaporative coolers set up and facilitate the evaporative process. A cooling unit pulls in warm air from outside, the evaporative process occurs which naturally consumes heat energy in the air thus cooling it. Then the cooled fresh air is fanned into the building.

For a fuller, easy to understand explanation see how evaporative cooling works.